Monday, April 6, 2009

Origami Dresses

I'm totally loving origami dresses! They are sooo not like a regular haute couture dress. They have so much more detail and wayy more to look at. Pleat details.....carefully pintucked....unbelieveable! The John Galliano green dress is gorgeous. Careful attention to every aspect of the dress totally pays off. The Gucci mini sunflower origami dress is to die for! I wish I owned this. Show stopping for sure. After all..... I love the look of a fab mini. I found an awesome midnight blue origami dress that I had to share. Its up in our etsy store . Check it out...I'm in the origami mood today.:) Do you love the look of these dresses or do you go for a more simple approach?


Jazzy Jemz said...

I love the look of that green one! Wow!

Vintage Me New You said...

how gorgeous you look in that dress:)
thank you so much for your lovely comment, so happy you saw those places:)
i was so happy as well, it was heaven!
take care and be happy!


Cathy Voyage said...

The second dress is stunning!

vicen said...

For you to be an authentic look you dedicate this award 10.
for you blog.

drollgirl said...

these are so beautiful!!! and such a nightmare to make! ha. i just don't have the skills, but sure can appreciate all that went in to these beautiful works.

super post!

boylerpf said...

Love the green one but Natalie Portman sure makes the white spectacular! Now that deep blue one is gorgeous too!

Blicious said...

gorgeous pics! love your blog!