Tuesday, May 12, 2009

While Out Busting My Butt!

While Im out preparing for this weeks photo session, I thought I would just put up a few of my favorite things that are in our shop. Just fun and easy. Hope everyones weekend was amazing! I am sore from the non stop activities.......does a fashionista bike ride and fish?! I must admit...it was a blast.....

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Absent Minded!

Hi all! Apologies for my laziness on posting. The days fly by so quickly.....and I ...well am just lazy sometimes. I totally have been not just been sitting on my arse. I have been on the search for more clothes. We found the nicest lady who let my mother and me search through all of her mothers old clothes. I was so stoked...especially when I saw how many racks there were! So good times were had by all...sneezing.....runny eyes...they are vintage arent they?! Cant wait to model...edit and post. I know my fashion lovin' chics will be pleased:)! Oh...the 'wedding dress' is coming up...I promise!