Saturday, January 31, 2009

#2 Claudia Schiffer

Second on my list of women I admire is Claudia Schiffer. My father....who was a fashion photographer used to shoot her......I always idolized her. Blonde...tall....skinny....gorgeous BOMBSHELL! She has a relaxed.....almost classic vintage sense of style. She has been knocked for some of her fashion choices on the red carpet but not to my surprise....I LOVED the dresses she was knocked for! I love a perfect tailored blazer....she wears it so well! Need I say more?

Coming up today.......our spring collection goes up on etsy! Yay!! Be sure to come by and check it out as I am postitive you will find something you must have!

xoxo Zach nodtomod vintage

Friday, January 30, 2009

Women I Admire #1....

I have been tagged by the fabulous and always stylish mimi to blog about 20 women I admire......I LOVE this!! My first one today is Agyness Deyn. Why you say? Why not! Her punk indie style is amazing.....throwing different looks together makes her so eclectic and I absolutely adore it. I have teetered with the thought of a pixie hair-cut.......not sure I can pull it off with the awesomeness that she does! The black and white striped maxi dress is something I would totally rock......she pulls all of these looks off with ease and confidence! Oh...apologies for the absence of blogging.....we just got back from our amazing spring photo shoot! xoxo Zach nodtomod vintage

Monday, January 26, 2009

Lady in Red

Ah yes...the song is cool but these red dresses are amazing! In perfect time for Valentines Day! A lace sequined draped dress should do the trick....or how about the simple low v neck tie dress? Both vintage....both awesome! We are busy shooting away and these are just a couple of 'looks' for what is to come in our spring collection! Hope you love it and as always.....come check us out....our 30% sale is still on! xoxo Zach nodtomodvintage

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Yes..a Day Early....Have a Fabulous Weekend!

We are off...out of town to the studio to shoot our spring collection! We just wanted to wish you an early...warm n' cozy weekend! Can't wait to get back and catch up! xoxo Zach nodtomod vintage

Bold Colors n' Prints

I am obsessed with dresses that pop....make you stand out and say LOOK AT ME! This is most definitely one of them...I LOVE it! The mix of bold colors and prints makes my mind race and want this Ungaro dress sooo badly! Ah yes....spring is in the air...I can't wait! What are your favorite kinds of would love to hear! We will be doing our spring photo shoot this coming week! Expect these kinds of bold colors and prints!
xoxo Zach

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Spring Fling

These two awesome numbers are just a couple of looks coming up in our spring collection.....yes...we are proud too! Either prom....a hot date...a lunch with the gals....a party.....these work! The bold colors on the black maxi are amazing! A purple lined cape in the back completes this super vintage look. Accordian pleated ruby red dress.....need I say more?! These will be coming up in our shop super soon.....come over....get your 30% off and stay tuned! xoxo Zach
NodtoMod vintage

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Still Rockin' the Retro Winter Threads!

Our 30% off EVERYTHING SALE is still going! Just a few looks above at what is in our store. We have everything and anything you could possibly want! Mini dresses....check! Coats for all kinds of vintage gals....check! We are more than happy to let you take adavantage of this! We cannot wait to get our spring collection up...we know you will totally dig it! Pssst....the fox fur camel coat is free U.S. shipping!!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Best Weekend Wishes to You!!!

We thought we might leave you with this dreamy lil' mini dress! We love all of the ruffles and how it flows....ahh yes! Our sale is still going pop on over and check us out at NodtoMod! We want you to take advantage....yes take advantage of our sale! We can't wait to get our spring looks up for all to see! Have the best weekend ever...I know I will be hunting for more fab vintage finds! xoxo

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Nothing to Wear?

We got you covered! Scratch the free shipping.......exna the 10%-15% off sale.....this will blow your mind!! We are dropping EVERYTHING in our vintage shop on etsy 30%....yes....everything 30%! NodtoMod We are making way for our spring vintage collection and moving all of our winter frocks out! The sale starts today and will go thru the end of January. All you have to do is come over to our All prices will be dropped already for you! Get a head start on next years fall/winter always with never goes out of style!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


We like to mix it up in our shop all the time! Keeps us and our customers on their toes for the best vintage savings ever! The above pictures are garmets that we are offering free shipping on today! These garmets will only last for one day with the free shipping! We then we will pick a new batch for our free shipping give away tomorrow! These threads are HOT!! NodtoMod Vintage!xoxo

Monday, January 12, 2009

Mixed n' Match Looks

I love mixing and matching a piece of clothing a totally different look than what most people would go for. You become eclectic with your style and....soon after develop a following. I love the look of the simple plaid mini dress...this can go sooo many, flats, heels...anything! Girly dresses have always been my fav...esp vintage ones! One of a kind and eco friendly is always nice! Also, a bright printed scarf can bring a mix matched outfit together...just little secret!;) It is snowing that is a shocker! These pictures brightened my day....dreaming of new vintage finds I will come across soon! We have posted tons of new things on our site....check it may just find something to mix n' match to make it your own!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Have a Rockin' Weekend!

We wish you the best weekend ever!! We have a showcase going on today over on etsy....come check us out! Along with our sweet are sure to have the best weekend ever! Last night my beau and I went to a live show at the Lions Lair in downtown Denver. The band? It was fantastic! My brother....who was a sport in helping us with our last photo shoot rocked out with his band five shillings. You must check them out! They rock! Here, he is sporting what is to come next week in our etsy shop.....a vintage pair of Ralph Rauren slacks. We will also be featuring the suit jacket that goes with it coming up! Not enough? We are also going to be listing a vintage Dior mens check plaid shirt! Tell your man we have what he craves! Happy hunting! xoxo

Friday, January 9, 2009

Fashion Slump?

I had previously blogged about how I have lately only been wearing a v neck tee and jeans. I did not quite think it was a 'slump' from what I use to wear.....dresses all the time! I found a picture of Debbie Harry in just what I have been icon of sorts....yes! Kind of perked me up a bit! My father....who was a fashion photographer always....ALWAYS told me that women look best in just a nice fitted tee and jeans. Very understated and very sexy. I believe its all about the confidence. Pair that simple outfit with a rockin' pair of tall boots....flats or a heavy necklace...simple yet gorgeous!! Not saying that dressing up once in a while...or more so is bad thing at all! One of my closest friends told me she loved how I wore dresses all the time when going out on the there any other way when going out at night?! Dressing for the right occasion never goes out of style! xoxo

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Super Minis and Odd Furs

Well, yes......I LOVE a super high mini but are they always the right choice? A lot of vintage clothing...not all was made a bit longer to flatter the legs and give a long and lean appearance. These models are rockin' this vintage look! I also love this purple fur jacket.....what a statement!! We have a grey corded blue fox fur like this one.....although not purple...but still makes the same statement on etsy! Vintage glamour is always in....just make it your own! xoxo

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Tiered Ruffles

There is something fabulous about a well put together dress. The material, the structure and most importantly the look! This mini party dress has all of that! Soft paintbrush style stroke material....white and black....classic! The low scoop neckline and ruffle tiered hello.....anyone would kill in this! This little number is up on etsy now! xoxo

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I Wish....

I wish I had this Vera Wang dress! There is something about the flowy cobalt blue and black that brings me into a romantic state of mind. I have opted lately to a simple pair of jeans, an old yet soooo soft white v neck tee and my vintage red chuck be brought back into the dresses to which I was once accustomed to! I think it maybe the fact that its freezing outside! This week on etsy, we are going to bring in some of our spring frocks to do just that.....put us back into the girly flirty state of mind! Watch out!! xoxo

Are Sales Fun?!

Hell yeah they are!! We have decided to do a little promo for all of our regular vintage customers and our hopefully new found ones! Buy one of our fab frocks and get 10% two or more and get 15% off! We love to make our garmets accessible to everyone! Breeze on over as we are sure you will find something you love....oh and this is just a little peek of what is coming up today on etsy!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Hats Are Always Chic

I must admit.....I am a hat fiend!! They are timeless...classic and sexy! Vintageclothiers on etsy has not only some of the coolest vintage finds around...they have tons of classic and sassy vintage hats! This pink one has a taffeta wide bow tied around it. I mean...just with a pair of jeans and a tee this would rock! For serious vintage finds....check her shop out!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Eclectic Living Anyone?

I was hearted by this shop and boy was I glad! I love this shop! judysnow has some of the coolest items around. All hand cut mosaic tiles and handmade childrens it possible someone can be this creative!! The tiles, which she hand cuts herself are amazing! Got an old nightstand that needs a boost? This mix of retro vintage funky time plates should do the trick and provide a learning experience while doing so! All done by her! Check it out!!

Ruffle Hems n' Low Backs

I love the look of a well polished vintage chic. Her hair perfectly matched to an outfit......a sexy floral dress and the most bangin' shoes you can find! All effortless of course! We try to perfect that look in every way we can! This ruffle bottom mini dress with a low v back will capture that look! This mini goes on etsy act fast! xoxo

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year Vintage Fashionistas!

We wish everyone the best, most happiest new year yet! We do not just make one resolution....we make tons! more.....get up.....then shop again! That is just one! We have listed many new items today on etsy and hope you will love them! They are super fun.....super vintage! Here is a preview of what is coming up tomorrow! Champagne kisses! xoxo