Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I Wish....

I wish I had this Vera Wang dress! There is something about the flowy cobalt blue and black that brings me into a romantic state of mind. I have opted lately to a simple pair of jeans, an old yet soooo soft white v neck tee and my vintage red chuck taylors......ahh...to be brought back into the girly...vampy...sexy dresses to which I was once accustomed to! I think it maybe the fact that its freezing outside! This week on etsy, we are going to bring in some of our spring frocks to do just that.....put us back into the girly flirty state of mind! Watch out!! xoxo


Mimi said...

I agree this dress is stunning! So sexy and stylish... Love the cobalt.

Can't wait to see your etsy creations!


Twiggy Mod said...


Thanks for finding my bloggo :)

Love yours, this vera number is very tasty.

Speak soon

Twigs x

Nemerae said...

The colours is amazing *.*

boylerpf said...

Love the dress...reminds me of another designer back in the 80s ;D

Tina said...

the silk is so lush, what a fab colour too!