Monday, January 26, 2009

Lady in Red

Ah yes...the song is cool but these red dresses are amazing! In perfect time for Valentines Day! A lace sequined draped dress should do the trick....or how about the simple low v neck tie dress? Both vintage....both awesome! We are busy shooting away and these are just a couple of 'looks' for what is to come in our spring collection! Hope you love it and as always.....come check us out....our 30% sale is still on! xoxo Zach nodtomodvintage


Rocky B. said...

I like both! :) Love red for dresses

Anonymous said...

I wanna have I dress red like this,but red like this red.:D Hope you understand me.:)

Mimi said...

The first one is gorgeous, casual but still has that oomph of sexiness.
Perfect for V-day.

Can't wait for your looks,

xo xo

osgood said...

the dress on the left is divine, and so is this blog.

Sean Garrette Lundy said...

Hey i love your post!, you have a good eye for fashion.
Check my blog out, its also a fashion blog, if you like can you please follow? thanks =[

Much Love,
-XX SeanGarrette.

Bajue Boutique said...

The perfect red :)

Jaime Riba said...

holaaa! how are u? xDD espero que todo super! solo pasaba que ya echaba en falta este blog! nos vemos chaooo! ^^ por cierto los vestidos preciosos!