Friday, January 9, 2009

Fashion Slump?

I had previously blogged about how I have lately only been wearing a v neck tee and jeans. I did not quite think it was a 'slump' from what I use to wear.....dresses all the time! I found a picture of Debbie Harry in just what I have been icon of sorts....yes! Kind of perked me up a bit! My father....who was a fashion photographer always....ALWAYS told me that women look best in just a nice fitted tee and jeans. Very understated and very sexy. I believe its all about the confidence. Pair that simple outfit with a rockin' pair of tall boots....flats or a heavy necklace...simple yet gorgeous!! Not saying that dressing up once in a while...or more so is bad thing at all! One of my closest friends told me she loved how I wore dresses all the time when going out on the there any other way when going out at night?! Dressing for the right occasion never goes out of style! xoxo


MJ. said...

Dressing up at the right time is called having style and being elegant! :)
But yes, the simple outfit of tee and jeans appears to be so effortless and natural chic ;)


sarah said...

wearing dresses is cute! Would love to see one of yours.

Mimi said...

Love, love, love Debbie Harry! I have a lot of Blondie records :]

Yes I have those days when I wear nothing but tee's, I even blogged about it!


trigg and trig. said...

i've been dressing 'prettier' lately rather than a more rocky chill tshirt and jean style ive had before... now when i want to just dress down and relax i hate all my damn jeans.. fav brand?