Monday, February 2, 2009

#4 Stephanie Seymour

I adore models....their Stephanie Seymour does not dissapoint. She is totally gorgeous and she is my number 4 pick! The peep sheer black gown was definitely a risky move but man does she ever pull it off! She does not seem to be aging....wish we all had the luck of that! A simple red dress says so much.....classic and sexy! xoxo Zach nodtomod vintage


Cathy Voyage said...

I love the black dress on her!

Indy said...

I really like your blog! Such great pictures and a great voice!

Do you post any of your outfits? If not, why?!?! I'm sure they're lovely!


Anonymous said...

I`ve read about her on Bazaar:)
Is cool.

Mimi said...

I adore Stephanie, she is so beautiful