Sunday, February 15, 2009

Funky Junque Chronicles!!

Funky Junque Chronicles #2 Pick O' the Week : NOD to MOD VINTAGE Chic Retro Clothing for Any Diva or FASHIONISTA on a Budget!
An upscale online boutique out of Denver, Colorado featuring designer vintage clothing and chic accessories at AFFORDABLE prices for any retro girl!

We are featured in the pick of the week for the funky junque chronicles!! Check this is sooo awesome! A huge thanks to Retro Chalet!

Check this latest is a designer Montaldo's for Jerry Silverman.....and a bit of history!
Montaldo's, a lady's specialty shop, was started in 1919 by two sisters, Lillian and Nelle Montaldo. Silverman was dress company that did adaptations of Paris designs and were known for their Americanized versions of Balenciaga designs. They are featured in Museum’s collection of historical fashion.
"Whatever is exceptional in quality and design must be offered to Montaldo's customers." Lillian Montaldo
nodtomod vintage


boylerpf said...

What an awesome article and a fab dress!!

Femme Fatale said...

cute blog!xx

Vintage Dress said...

lovely dress!


Vintage Dress said...

p.s. i'm following your blog now :)


Cathy Voyage said...

Love the post!

Mimi said...

Love the dress! Sexy and yet sophisticated


Riley said...

Birds scare me too, but I love that pin!

Anonymous said...

I like that dress!!xoxo dear!!

Biba said...

Cool dress! I'm loving your blog :)

drollgirl said...

this dress is h.a.w.t.

Zoƫ said...

i absolutely love this dress!