Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Just One of Many

One of my many idols would have to be Karl Lagerfeld. Who wouldnt love all of his designs for Chanel?! I wouldnt say I was star struck when I saw him emerge from a black town car in Paris but more in awe. The girls next to me acted as if they just saw God! A fashion god would be more like it! The dresses I have picked from the haute couture line are different....amazing.....and jaw dropping. I love wearing things that are out of the ordinary. Making a statement with your clothes is showcasing your personality. These would definitely showcase mine. Are you bold enough to sport the look?


boylerpf said...

Totally love some of the designs he does! The gray is so subdued and chic! You actually saw him in Paris? How cool!!

Jazzy Jemz said...

Not me.. maybe if they go to a lower line and are more mainstream- yes.

drollgirl said...

these are beautiful! i must be honest, i don't think i could pull off these looks, but i sure admire anyone that can!

Mimi said...

Karl is a brilliant man, he is incredible and I adore him!

His show stopping creations are beyond words. I would be the same less star struck more of in awe of his skills and talent.

I dont know if I am bold enough but I would love to try, that is my topic for my next post. But it's on one person specifically and her amazing love to be bold and innovative.

Thanks again sweetie for your help!!!

xo xo