Friday, March 27, 2009

Vancouver Street Style

Althougth not too far from us is a pretty cool street style in Vancouver. I do love their easy indie boho-esque look. Nothing like my previous style blog this style is more bohemian and comfy. Practical is the word! Relaxed with a hint of european makes their style one that I love. A white tee with vintage flats, a boho necklace and headband....we all knew it would work...why havent we pulled it off with this sort of ease?! I love the look because it looks as if they arent trying too hard. A fashionista can roll out of bed and throw anything on and have it look fab and easy. Props to you Vancouver!


boylerpf said...

Love the boho look and I definitely am coveting the bag in the last pic!

vicen said...

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Cathy Voyage said...

The third one is great!

Mimi said...

I love seeing street style from other cities/countries.

Great photos!