Monday, March 30, 2009

Platform Heels

A long time ago I always thought that platform heels were only for dancers. Well I guess you can call me a dancer now as I'm totally in LOVE with them! I stand shorter at 5'5 and these babies give me the boost and length on my legs that I so desperately need! Sure....some may be too clunky for my taste but the awesome printed platforms would look killer with a skinny pair of blue jeans and a simple white vintage tank. The simple style platforms compliment many a spring/summer dress which normally you would think just to wear flip flops with those garmets. I found an awesome pair while on my usual hunt for vintage frocks. To my dismay they were way too big for me!:( I know someone out there will love them! Can you walk in these heels or do you leave it to the professionals?


Vintage Me New You said...

i love platform heels, they give you a sort of confidence in walking:)
you look gorgeous!
best wishes!


boylerpf said...

Love platform heels and I don't think they should be only for short people either. They make a leg look fabulous!

Cathy Voyage said...

I love the first outfit!

drollgirl said...

i have some, but i am about 5'9" and i feel like an AMAZON when i wear shoes that are 4" or taller. oh well!

Bella said...

I love the heels and that gorgeous blue dress!

Kierstin Bridger said...

I love them- less pain in the balls of my feet and I feel so tall and leggy!

Marnie said...

i love that photo with the swimmer model,

Mimi said...

I've always love platforms, I dont wear too much of them but I love them!!!